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Anglophone struggle: Gov’t restless in cracking down alleged activists

By LINUS SMITH The North West and South West regions of Cameroon have remain restive since the outbreak of the Anglophone Crisis in 2017. Investigative findings and reports from many human rights groups and non-governmental organisations

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Anglophone crisis:  More youths vamoose as military,  separatist fighters’ confrontation persist

BY CYNTHIA AKUM The increasing molestation, kidnapping and or beheading of youths termed black legs by separatist fighters on the one hand, and their arrest, torture and trial at military tribunals for allegedly siding with separatist

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Security forces launch manhunt for alleged Anglophone activists in NW / SW

By LUSY LIMA A long and arduous search for persons alleged to be backing the Anglophone crisis is underway as the situation in the restive North West and South West regions of Cameroon worsens. Faced with

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