UB Pro-Chancellor applauds university for proper 2020 management accounts

NEWS 08 Sep 2021
UB Pro-Chancellor applauds university for proper 2020 management accounts

By Ikome Christie-NoellaEposi in Buea

The Pro-Chancellor of the University of Buea, Prof. Ako Edward Oben has applauded the University of Buea for its proper management of the 2020 administrative and management accounts. He revealed that the accounts were well managed in income and expenditure pegged at FCFA 11.260 billion.

The aforementioned revelation was made known on Friday, August 27, 2021 at the Dorothy Limunga Njeuma Amphitheatre 750 where he presided over the meeting.

 The Finance and General Purpose Committee sat to examine how well the accounts for 2020 were managed by the institution. Present was the Vice, Chancellor of the University of Buea, Prof. Ngomo Horace Manga, the registrar, deputy VC’s alongside other administrators.

In his introductory remarks the chairperson; Prof. Ako Edward Oben commended the University of Buea for always standing the test of time and staying tall amidst the challenges. He noted that the council meeting focuses on the 2020 budget, the management and administrative accounts of 2020”.

  “The council found out that the management and administrative accounts of the University of Buea were well managed in income and expenditure.This is a standard that the University has kept all along each time we examine these documents very carefully”, the Pro-Chancellor attested.

  “We are blessed to have the director of finance and accounting officer who are very efficient. Other issues examined include the creation of the UB Corporate Limited which is a liability company created by the University of Buea to generate income”.

He added that in the years ahead, the liability company will be focusing among other things on the issues of solar energy and electric automobile repairs in the University of Buea.

In terms of the new things in perspective, Prof. Ako Edward Oben said the same things will be done but in a much better way. “We are now involved in a high breed system which is the use of in-person and online teaching and research. So the two models will be used”.

While congratulating the newly appointed officials, he appreciated those who have served UB diligently over the years and who have been called to other duties now. “Life is all about meeting and parting and the good thing is that for most of them they may be leaving their positions but not leaving the University of Buea. So they remain an active part of this institution which will always turn to them for their expertise”.

He frowned at those that carry university issues to the social media. “Family matters are discussed within the family. It is unbecoming of anyone whoever that person is to carry university matters to the social media. That is not the appropriate quarter for that so we do not encourage such acts. I condemn it roundly. No matter what, UB will continue flying high”.

  Also part of the deliberations was the endorsement of advancement and promotion of members of academic staff, the creation of the applied mathematical and computer assisted modeling unit (AMACAM), the review and endorsement of financial institutions for payment of various bonuses at the University of Buea, the creation of University of Buea Corporate Limited, transfer of credits and the recruitment of non-academic support staff.

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