Gregory Mewanu dreams big for Kumba; announces mouth-watering projects

NEWS 08 Sep 2021
Gregory Mewanu dreams big for Kumba; announces mouth-watering projects


If there’s one personality in Kumba who wants to see Kumba, the Green City, develop in a geometric progression, and become an eldorado, it’s Gregory Mewanu Ntemoyok, the City Mayor.

After several trips to the disapora and some African countries, notably Cairo, Kigali in Rwanda, and France thanks to the United Council and Cities  in Cameroon, UCCC, where he occupies the coveted position as National Treasurer, the Kumba City Council Boss, settled down in a soft touch inter-reaction with the Meme press on Friday, September 3, 2021 at the city council auditorium.

Gregory Mewanu Ntemoyok, narrated that in all the countries visit, interspersed with seminars and workshops, he discovered that effective decentralization is practiced in these countries, with more advantages given to the local collectivity, to carry the development destiny of their municipalities.

The City Council boss opined that during their various seminars and conferences, he was able to interact with multinationals, investors and that come December 2021 during a groundbreaking international conference bring together all municipal authorities from La Francophonie, and to be attended by 374 council’s in Cameroon, he has already begun the putting up  of many projects to be presented to the investors who will answer present during the December 2021 rendezvous in Yaounde.

Projects envisaged

Cocoa, timber transformation plants

The mayor hinted that there’s need for a cocoa transformation plant in Kumba. Kumba he said is not only the economic capital of the South West Region, but equally the junction town in the region. The cocoa transformation plant will enable the creation of hundreds if not thousands of jobs in the area especially as 60% of cocoa in Cameroon is from the South West Region in general and Meme Division in particular.

Kumba City Mayor,Gregory Menwanu Ntemoyok

Another envisaged project is that of the timber transformation plant, with headquarters in Kumba.

There’s no gainsaying the fact that most of the timber that leave the South West Region to the economic capital is from Meme Division with headquarters in Kumba.

The City Mayor used the press briefing to announce that the Council is equally making plans to twin the City of Kumba with other major cities in the world, like, Kigali, Cairo, and  Paris.

Projects on course

Amusement park

The Kumba Amusement park that been in a dilapidated shape is currently under refurbishing. The City Mayor, announced that the Minister of State for Tourism, has accorded a financial assistance of FCFA 100,000,000 while the City Council will chip in FCFA 25.000.000

Other projects, include, FCFA 1.6 billion of for the construction of the Kumba main market, around the St John gate  and plantain gate, the already approved construction of  new City Building otherwise  known as Town Hall with finance from FEICOM to the tune of FCFA 1.7 billion and the construction of the road leading from Parliament in Fiango through the mosque.

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