WAA Cameroon engages with community media for peace; commit to conflict de-escalation

NEWS 25 May 2021
WAA Cameroon engages with community media for peace; commit to conflict de-escalation


Some selected 25 journalists from the Cameroon Community Media Network (CCMN)in the Southwest region have benefited from a one day capacity training workshop on crisis and conflict prevention reporting strategies.

The training was organised by the Women in Alternative Action (WAA),aimed at building the capacities of media men and women on peace building and reporting strategies.

The training was specifically designed as a tool to accompany the implementation of the project “Building Open Spaces to Prevent Youth Re-radicalization and Recruitment into Radical groups in Cameroon”. The project was implemented by WAA Cameroon and the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC) with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office Funds by the IFA funding program, Zivik.

WAA Cameroon’s executive director, Justine Kwachu talks to the press

The executive director of WAA Cameroon, Justine Kwachu Kumche told the press that journalists were involved because they are those who frequently talk about the issues around and they report from different angles “We want them to adopt responsible reporting in their different programs. The crisis has had devastating effects especially in the two English speaking regions and we noticed that some journalists arereluctant to report on conflict for fear of the unknown. That is why we are organizing this training to enable journalists adopt responsible strategies in reporting sensitive issues”

She added that journalists need to be watchful on the types of headlines they use in their reports; headlines should be geared towards the promotion of peace and not those that will stir conflict. “We want the journalists to focus on the de-escalation of conflict”.

Cross section of Journalists,Participants during the training session

“Youths have a great role to play in peace building and promoting conflict prevention. The youths are proactive and have the capacity to promote peace in their communities especially in their youth groups; university settings etc. Youths can promote any value that involves peace building” she stated.

One of the participants, Mua Paul Kum appreciated the great initiative from WAA Cameroon “This is an opportunity that one could not afford to miss given the edifying nature of the training. It’s time for us to see how de-escalation of conflict can be achieved through the media. It’s time to further reinforce skills on peace journalism which is badly needed in Cameroon at this moment when there are multi-faceted crisis going on in the country”

WAA Cameroon was founded in 2004 and is one of Cameroon’s leading NGOs enabling effective human rights promotion and protection. WAA Cameroon targets conflict affected communities and more specifically women, girls, youth, and ethnic minorities. The NGOs mandate is to identify, train and empower emerging women, girls and gender equality advocates to end violence against women, promote peaceful coexistence of all community members throughout Cameroon whch is inine with their motto “Empowering Youths for the next generation”.

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