Adolescent girls, young women prepared for grassroots trauma-healing sessions

NEWS 25 May 2021
Adolescent girls, young women prepared for grassroots trauma-healing sessions


The Anglophone crisis has caused the local population in the Northwest region to be bitter and hurt because many properties have either been lost to flames or looted, and loved ones too have died in the course of the ongoing armed conflict.

It is for this reason that a 4-day workshop was organisedthrough the collaboration between COMAGEND and the Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy (CABTAL), to strengthened the capacities of young women and girls as community relay agents for trauma-healing. Over 30 grassroots female leaders coming from 6 communities in Mezam division, Northwest region were trained.

Participants were equipped with skills, techniques and processes to engage other community members in trauma-healing. The project is motivated by COMAGEND’s priority in harnessing these targeted persons in resolving the ongoing conflict.

Participants awarded Certificates after trauma-healing training.

The executive director and founder of Common Action for Gender Development (COMAGEND) Cameroon, Sally Mboumien said the need for trauma-healing sessions to hold at grassroots levels was imperative and added that with lack of internal peace, a lot more could go wrong with a person.

“There are so many efforts to build peace but there is this lack of internal peace on the part of the population. People are bleeding in their hearts, they are traumatized, they are hurt, they are full of anger and vengeance. It is behind this thought that we decided to train over 30 adolescent girls and young women to be community relay agents for trauma-healing, so that they can go back to their communities and start holding healing circles,” Sally said.

“We took these participants from diverse parts of Mezam division, because it is the pilot phase of the project which we intend to scale up so we can be able to go back to the communities and hold healing sessions. They have been equipped through trial sessions on trauma-healing knowledge and also given materials to be able to go to the field and work,” she added.

BolakMekwi, director of the Church and Scripture engagement department at CABTAL, on his own part said they had to seam with COMAGEND to train persons to be facilitators in trauma-healing sessions because part of her vision is to see a healthy community, same goal with COMAGEND.

“CABTAL is a national Organization, that helps to translate the Bible to Cameroonian languages and it wants to see communities develop, one of the workshops we offer is the trauma-healing workshop; helping people to heal. COMAGEND is one of those structures that ensures the welfare of a community, just like we have trained persons who will in turn train others in their communities”. WAA Cameroon’s executive director, Justine Kwachu Kumche talks to the press

Cross section of Journalists/Participants during the training session

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