Nguti council defying odds to push ahead development agenda

NEWS 28 Apr 2021
Nguti council defying odds to push ahead development agenda

The Mayor of the Nguti council in Kupe, Muanenguba Division, South West has announced that despite a slight drop in the council’s accounts in 2020, this did not drastically impede the institution’s development agenda.

The 2020 administrative, management and stores management witnessed a slight drop of 3% from 81% in 2019 to 78% in 2020.

Mayor Tong George Enoh made the declaration on the occasion of the first ordinary council session consecrated to the adoption of the administrative, management and stores management accounts for 2020.

The session that took place at the Nguti council auditorium Friday, April 23, 2021 under the watchful eyes of Divisional Officer, DO, for Nguti Etenegeng Kevin representing the Kupe, Muanenguba Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, Jean Marie Tchakui.

The mayor disclosed that the drop in the execution rate of the budget which stood at FCFA 500 million is due to the fact that the budget was voted at a time when the socio-political crisis rocking the North West and South West Regions had lasted for more than four years and the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world has left devastating effects on council activities and on the development of our communities.

Mayor Tong George poses with the vulnerable population after the donation

Markets and toll checks points were closed; tax collection from WIJMA- CEFECO,and SG SOC were frozen, supervision for projects became banal as a result of ghost towns, sporadic attacks by the separatist fighters.

The mayor observed that, the situation of revenue inadvertently affected the implementation of projects geared towards improving  the living conditions of the population and the economic potentials of the council is another area the crisis left unpleasant consequences.

Talking of the budget, the mayor disclosed that in 2020 FCFA 500 million was budgeted and about , FCFA 478,123,538  was collected, representing a realisation rate of 78%, while FCFA 467,335,983 stood as expenditure representing 76%.

Amidst the difficulties encountered by the Council, the mayor hinted that the council was able to meet up with the execution of some projects in the domains of basic education, health, transport, and human capital, in the  distribution of minimum packages to schools, the payment of national social insurance contributions, Mbua water project, the distribution of fitting devices to the vulnerable population, and the payment of workers’ salaries.

The mayor noted that some  projects are ongoing. The projects include the construction of a  block of two classrooms in Bomen, construction of a conference hall, bar, and restaurant in Nguti, construction of a concrete bridge over river Bakebe, construction of a community Hall in Njungo, opening and grading of road from Badun to Boka, construction of an integrated health center in Njuinye, construction  of a guest house with three suits , construction of a bridge over river Bermin in Bambe road and the construction of a palm nursery in Njuinye.

Nguti council put smiles on 26 vulnerables

Some 26 vulnerable persons in Nguti Sub Division, benefitted from the largesse of the Nguti council.

The council in collaboration with the Sub delegation of social Affairs under the decentralised credit from the ministry of social affairs handed two tricycles, four wheel chairs, ten white canes, and 10 pairs of crushes.

While handing the items to the beneficiaries Friday April 23, 2021 the mayor, Tong George Enoh disclosed that it’s the responsibility of the Council to assist the vulnerable population in the municipality.

While urging them to make good use of the items promised that more donation will be handed to those vulnerables who didn’t benefit this time around.

The Sub Delegate for Social Affairs of Nguti Sub Division, Makela Reuben told The SUN, that the beneficiaries are drawn from all the municipality after transparent census is conducted and their needs identified. The budgeting and costing is done in his delegation and handed to the Council for action.

Expressing joy, after receiving a wheel chair, Andong Pompido, disclosed that the Council came to his assistance at the much expected period because he has been down for about a year since he had an accident that saw his legs fractured. He said the Council should equally assist another vulnerable who were not able to receive the donation. Just like Oliver Twist he asked for more.

He was corroborated by Maire Ako Asue and Isaac Tombi, who added that the Council should equally assist them pay the hospital bills.

169 pupils set for FSLC, Common Entrance Examination

The Inspector for Basic Education for Nguti Sub Division in Kupe Muanenguba Division, has disclosed that, about 169 pupils in the Sub Division, are seriously warming up to set for First School Leaving Certificate, FSLC, and Government Common Entrance Examination.

The Sub Delegate  Fonge Fidelis Fotabong hinted that of the 169 pupils, 86 pupils will be writing the Government Common Entrance Examination while 83 pupils will be writing the FSLC.

The delegate narrated despite the prevailing crisis rocking the two Anglophone Regions, of the 67 primary and Nursery School, in the Sub Division, about 15 schools are functional with the staffing situation excellent. Though the schools infrastructures have been affected by the crisis, the delegate disclosed that he intents to create learning centers in the Division by September 2021. As for the barrier measures to put by the government to  combat  the Covid 19 pandemic, the Delegate hinted that, the schools are fully respecting the measures,with the pupils putting on face masks, respecting social distance, constant washing of hands and using hand sanitizers.

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