Minister Mbah Acha Rose offers medical equipment to health districts in Momo

NEWS 14 Apr 2021
Minister Mbah Acha Rose offers medical equipment to health districts in Momo

By Ndefru Melanie in Bamenda

The Minister Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Supreme State Audit, Mbah Acha Rose Formundam has carried out a life-alleviating activity in Mbengwi, Momo Division, offering medical equipment to the Mbengwi, Njikwa and Batibo district hospitals.
The items include over 40 beds, 100 mattresses, two Oxygen concentrators, two sunction pumps, 11 automatic blood pressure machines, eight echosscopes, seven stethoscopes, three delivery beds, six minor surgery kits, one centrifuge, two hot air ovens, two microscopes and nine Finger Pulse Dosimeter.
The minister, an elite of Momo Division, was appreciated for her gesture and held in great esteem by her people, for supplying medical equipment destinedto health facilities in that division.

Mbengwi District medical officer, receives equipment on behalf of other centers

“We are offering these medical equipments to the district hospitals in Momo Division because we care about the health of the local population, so to you the district medical officers, take care of them and know that more will come as you put these equipment into use” Minister Mbah Acha Rose indicated.
Minister Mbah Acha Rose did not limit her largesse in the health domain, but farmers of that division also received bags of chemical fertilizers to help them increase the quality and quantity of their farm production, to realise a great harvest.

Minister Mbah Acha Rose donates equipment to health districts in Momo Division

She encouraged food production and urged the farmers not to relent their efforts in satisfying the growing population noting that this was another way of alleviating hunger and poverty while increasing standards of living.
Support is coming to the people of Momo at a time when the armed conflict has brought about rural-exodus; causing poverty and suffering. The active group, the youths have all migrated to safer grounds, leaving the old people to fend for themselves, and the health pandemic; Covid-19 in its second phase, recording deaths on a daily basis.

Minister Mbah Acha donates chemicals to famers

A woman expressed joy for the minister’s timely intervention and described her as “a Mother to the Division” who never forgets her chicks, the population in times of need”.
“I am so happy that the Minister has visited us with these medical equipment at a time we need them most. The doctors will now have good equipment to diagnose the health complications we have. In times of Covid-19, one has need for frequent check up and the minister who is also a mother to the division, has not abandoned her chicks, as she comes to their rescue in time of need”, a woman from Batibo told the press.

Give away items from Minister Mbah Acha

The Minister continued to emphasised on everyone’s effort geared towards developing Momo Division, calling on all those in the bushes to drop arms and join the DDR Centres, get trained and have skills to go entrepreneurial. She told the people to shun voilence and welcome peace.
It was announced during the minister’s visit that over 200 young “okada drivers” had gained / obtained their driving licenses through the efforts of the minister, who facilitated the process of acquisition. Most of them rode their motorcycles within the division without any legal document.
The training charges for most of these bikers was fully funded by Minister Mbah Acha Rose Fomundam.

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