Fight against covid-19: LCC, stakeholders sensitize, distribute facemasks to populace

NEWS 14 Apr 2021
Fight against covid-19: LCC, stakeholders sensitize, distribute facemasks to populace


The mayor of the Limbe City Council, Motanga Andrew Monjimba accompanied by the Senior Divisional officer for Fako, Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux, the district medical officer for Limbe, Dr. Constance Ngoni Njie and the mayors of Limbe I, II and III on Friday April 9, 2021 sensitized and distributed facemasks to Limbe denizens for the second time and educated them on the prevalence of the Covid-19 pandemic in the city and the way out.
The team headed by the SDO for Fako Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux went through the new market, old market, slaughter area, Half mile and Mile 4 Motor Park educating all those they met to observe measures to contain the spread of the virus. The issue of having facemask and putting them on was the main preoccupation of the Limbe City Mayor Motanga Andrew Monjimba.
A huge consignment of facemasks was distributed for free in the course of the one-day Covid-19 campaign; Motanga Andrew personally instructed those who have facemasks in their pockets to put them on.
“The facemasks are not meant to be kept in bags or pockets or held in the hands, they are meant to be put on to cover the mouth and nose” Motanga Andrew kept instructing as they moved on.

Cross section of dignitaries present
during the campaign

Many Limbe city dwellers scrambled for the facemasks, promising they will adhere to the measures against the pandemic. The Limbe City Council has also planted a number of wash-hand points across the markets and streets, encouraging the population to wash their hands frequently.
According to Limbe City Mayor, Motanga Andrew Monjimba, everyone must be involved in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, as the virus keeps spreading.
He noted that they engaged the fight last year with fruitful results recorded, but however frowned at the negligence of a section of the population that has caused the second wave of the pandemic to be stronger than before. He observed thatLimbe is one of the hardest-hit areas in the region. Motanga therefore enjoined all in the city to strictly adhere to measures against the pandemic to eventually clear it off the city and the nation by extension.
The District Medical Officer, Constance Ngoni Njie encouraged the population at each stop to continue respecting the barrier measures of wearing facemasks, washing of their hands, sanitising their hands and avoiding crowded areas,.
She emphasised on the fact that the pandemic is not fake as some people still claim.”This second wave of the virus is more serious than the first one so endeavor to follow the barrier measures given by the government,” Dr. Constance Ngoni added.
She used the opportunity to inform the city dwellers that soon the vaccine will be made available in the Region and it will be free of charge. So they should come massively to vaccinate themselves against the pandemic.
The secretary general of the city council, Kinge Thompson was also in the high-powered delegation

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