Covid-19: West Region governor bans funerals, festivals, others

NEWS 07 Apr 2021
Covid-19: West Region governor bans funerals, festivals, others

By Ndefru Mélanie in Bamenda

In order to curb the spread of Covid-19, a communiqué has been signed by the governor of the West Region, suspending activities that bring more than 50 persons together for over a period of two months. This decision was prompted by the resurgence in Covid-19 cases in the region.
The communiqué from the office of the West Governor, issued on April 5, 2021, suspended activities like funerals, marriages, wake keeps, concerts and other activities that rank as such, for a period of two months renewable, depending on the prevailing situation of Covid-19.
Awa Fonka Augustine the governor and coordinator of the Response to Covid-19 in the West Region used the communiqué to sensitize the population on the need to be more vigilant in the respect of barrier measures put in place by government and the World Health Organization (W.H.O).
According to the communiqué, the activities suspended are those that bring more than 50 persons together, either for mourning or merry making. These are efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19, especially in a situation where many don’t take the existence of the disease seriously, such measures aim to keep order and save lives.

West Governor,
AWA Fonka Augustine

The toll on the number of infected cases and recorded deaths rise on a daily basis due to ignorance on the part of the population, who don’t believe in the existence of the disease. To some of them, wearing of facemasks is necessary only when there is dust or cold.
The perspective of the local population is an alert that called for a sensitization action. A The North West governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique and team have also taken the initiative. They went visiting schools and markets on March 25 in Bamenda. A tour that was provoked by reports from the Public Health Delegate that revealed a high frequency in the number of infected cases and deaths.
The NW governor, Members of the Regional House of Assembly and a medical team, went to the field to share Anti-Covid19 kits and talk about the need to respect barrier measures. This exercise to an extent raised awareness about the existence of the disease that kills dozens on monthly.
The Regional Delegate told the press that with the coming of the second wave of Covi-19, the number of infected cases and death toll has become a cause for concern.
“In 2020 the virus existed but towards the Christmas period, it reduced. In 2021, it has increased with a growing number of people being infected on a daily basis. More than 14 persons die in a week and this alarm caused the administration to go down to the field for sensitization. We asked people to respect barrier measures and advised that people shouldn’t be on one spot more that 50”, said Kingsley Che Nsoh.
On March 29, the governor before launching the farming season in Santa sub-division within strict respect of Covid19 barrier measures, had visited the cattle market in Bamendankwe to offer kits to grazers who were facing challenges on double front: the armed conflict and the health crisis.
Due to the growing number of infected cases of Covid-19, some patients are being confined in their homes and the Regional Delegate for Public Health, Kingsley Che Nsoh issued a release on April 1, 2021, giving 10 key messages for these patients on what to do, while being confined at home.
The communiqué signed by the governor of the West region, AWA Fonka Augustine can be envisaged for the prevailing situation in the Northwest Region as concerns Covid-19. The NW Governor told the local population during his tour in Bamenda that if barrier measures were not observed to limit the spread of the disease, a curfew could even be issued by the Head of State to ensure that barrier measures are kept in check while saving lives.

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