PAD Chooses Fakoship to carry out docking activities in Douala-Bonaberi port

BUSINESS 29 Jan 2021
PAD Chooses Fakoship to carry out  docking activities in Douala-Bonaberi port


The Douala Ports Authority (PAD) driven by Cyrus Ngo’o and the Fako Shipping and transport Company driven by Charles Namme Menyoli have signed an agreement authorising Fakoship to carry out the direct activity of keeping a ship in dock using moorings.
Earlier, Boluda Cameroon which was a subsidiary of Boluda France, was the contractor meant to ship agents at the Port of Douala-Bonabéri.

Cyrus Ngo’o (L) andMenyoli (R)

However, since the expression of interest n° 2018/003/APMI/PAD of October 9, 2018, the mooring activity is said to be reserved only for national companies. Fako Ship is expected to perform this task under international safety standards. They will have to create their own subsidiary of which the names were given as the Douala Mooring Company (DMC) to execute the deal.
The mooring services are carried out in operation by the boatmen who seize, what are called, hawsers of the ship and fix them on bollads in order to stabilise the ship. The work has to be done 24 hours a day each week.
PAD rehabilitates 450 meters of road
In another but related development, PAD has rehabilitated 450 meters of a stretch of road at the Yara-port North entry axis or exit section of the Douala-Bonaberi port, to ease traffic around the city and the port. The road was single-handedly sponsored by the Douala Ports Authority at the cost of FCFA 574.2 million to serve various destinations in the city of Douala and to facilitate the transportation of goods and services.
In what has been described as city-port relationship, the stretch of road was formally handed over in a brief ceremony by the General Manager of PAD Cyrus Ngo’o to the city Mayor of Douala, Dr. Roger Mbassa Ndine.
The stretch of road which now has a gentrifying look will boost economic activity on the section close to the Sandaga market, the Akwa business district, the Bonanjo administrative area, increase the flow of goods to and from the port area, minimise the risk of accident and diminish assaults and more.
The General Manager, Cyrus Ngo’o of PAD declared that “the rehabilitation by Douala Ports Authority of the Yara North exit section of the port of Douala-Bonaberi is symbolic of the synergy city-port. It is an approach that contributes to integrating the port and its activities into the city and its territory thus promoting the emergence of governance of urban-port projects. This contributes to Cameroon’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which the city of Douala is said to contribute 70%.

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