Corpse of 18-year-old Fon Blaise allegedly killed by men in military uniform paraded in Bamenda

NEWS 29 Jan 2021
Corpse of 18-year-old Fon Blaise allegedly killed by men in military uniform paraded in Bamenda

By Sah Terence Animbom

Three days after he was killed along side three of his friends in an abandoned building at Meta Quarter Bamenda, the mortal remains of Fon Blaise, an 18 year old from Meta Quarter who was killed by men in military uniform on Saturday January 23, 2021 was paraded along the streets of Bamenda Tuesday, January 26, 2021.
Carried in a coffin by mostly youths of his age group, Fon Blaise’s mortal remains were conveyed to the spot where he was shot dead by the military as he was mistaken for an Amba fighter.

Crowd parades with remains of Blaise

At about 2 pm Saturday, January 23, 2021, the inhabitants of Lower Meta Quarter in Bamenda, not far from the main city center were shocked by the gruesome murder of four teenagers, in an abandoned building in the neighborhood. The oldest among them was aged 18.
The boys by name Fon Blaise from Meta Quarter, Ngalim Alucious, Ntakah Nelly Mbah, Sale Sadam all residents of Old Town Bamenda are said to have been smoking weed in an abandoned building said to usually house armed separatists fighters.
The military is said to have had a tip that there were armed fighters in the abandoned building and they had descended to the area with the intent of “neutralizing” them.
However, the armed fighters, two in number as reported by eyewitnesses in the vicinity seemed to have been tiped-off as well of the coming of the military into Meta Quarter. As they were running away from the abandoned building, they fired two shots into the air, confirming their presence in the area.
It would appear the military received the gunshots as a red light and decided to fire at whoever was in the building or around it.
A popular petrol seller who goes by the name Tanyi and keeps his fuel somewhere in the abandoned house was almost shot by the military as he went on his knees with hands up shouting in French “je suis venu pour prendre mon petrol” he was searched and noticed to be telling the truth and asked to get away.
At this point the boys were still in the building and as the military made their way into the building, they fired at the boys, shooting Blaise on the forehead as the bullet tore open his head into two. “When the gun was pointed at Blaise, he begged the military man saying ‘Grand abeg no shoot me I no be Amba’ but the military guy gave him a deaf ear.” An eye witness told The SUN.
“Another victim was shot on the belly, causing his intestines to bulge out. This is indeed the worst experience we have seen in this quarter since the start of this crisis” another witness said.
In a video making rounds on social media, it is seen from a distance as some men in military uniform drag the lifeless bodies of the victims into a standby military truck.
Muslim scholar and strong government critic, Abdulkarim Ali, has raised an alarm over the killings. According to Abdulkarim, one of the victims Sale Sadam, killed during the military raid was his nephew.
“Among four teenagers, my nephew was shot point-blank and killed by the military of LRC. This happened yesterday at Meta quarter-Bamenda. Name: Sale Sadam. Age: 16. Crime: Child of Southern Cameroons. Proof me wrong by providing evidence to the contrary”, he wrote on his Facebook page at midday on Sunday, January 24, 2021.

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