CHAN fall-out: Limbe groans under water shortage, heavy security

NEWS 29 Jan 2021
CHAN fall-out: Limbe groans under water shortage, heavy security

– CAMWATER official tight-lipped
– Activities on a low tide due to massive military deployment


Inhabitants of Limbe are facing extreme difficulties in water supply for more than a week now. The situation coincides with the kick-off of the CHAN 2021 competition which the city is hosting alongside Yaounde and Douala.
The acute water shortage is not the only problem denizens of Limbe are facing during this CHAN period. The heavy deployment of troops in Fako Division and especially Limbe has put the city in a virtual lockdown. This added to threats from separatists fighters has weighed seriously on the town’s bustle and hustle.
The security forces initially clamped down on motor bikes and cars without CEMAC number plates. But the crackdown seems to have been generalized stoking fear and apprehension in the minds of the population. Limbe is nearly a ghost city after 6p.m even on weekends apart from a few nightclubs. But they too have experience a low entrance by “clubbers”. The situation is worse on days that matches are being played in Limbe.

Population scrambling to fetch water in Limbe 

Water everywhere but scarce to find
According to complaints The SUN gathered, Limbe inhabitants say no drop of water has flowed through the taps since Saturday, January 16, 2021. The reasons for the sudden scarcity of water is being attributed it to the CHAN competition with four teams staying in town.
Many allege that extra water is needed to spray on the turf in the stadium and the hotels where the players and dignitaries are staying need constant water supply. It should be noted that Limbe already had a problem of water shortage and programmed rationing had been taking place before now.
The present situation has worsened the crisis. Authorities are being blamed for ruling that all the water produced in Limbe be supplied only to the field and the hotels lodging the players to the detriment of the population.
Speaking to The SUN, Anka Fabric decried that for over one week now the flow of water has not been stable in Unity quarter Mile I. He added that they leave very early morning just to fetch water. Anka lamented that on some days that water does not flow, they are forced to use doubtful sources to bathe, cook, wash dresses and even drink.
Madam Judith Eposi said she has been going through hell to fetch water as she leaves Mabeta New Layout to Saker Junction to fetch water. When she gets to the tap the place is alreadyThere over crowded and she has to spend hours before she can fetch a 10 litre container. She added that her children go to school late as a result of lack of water to bathe in the morning.
Ayuk Julius, owner of a restaurant in New Town said his business has greatly lost customers as he cannot serve the customers to their satisfaction as many complain that they eat and there is no water to drink and wash their hands.
Madam Suh Marceline of Unity quarter said the shortage of water for the past one week caused her not to do her ice cream business in town.

CAMWATER is tight-lipped
All attempts by The SUN to speak to the Chief of Center and the Regional Director of Camwater were futile as they decided to seal their lips over the issue pushing this reporter from one official to the other. However some workers who spoke on condition of anonymity blamed the situation on a blockage on the line fromBonadikombo, Mile Four- a fault they have been battling to repair for over a week.Very curious.
Apart from shortage of water in Limbe, there is high rate of insecurity looming the municipality as Separatist fighters continue to scare inhabitants not to go and watch matches at the Limbe Omnisport Stadium Ngeme. Separatist fighters are reported to have called on ghost towns every day there is a match in Limbe.
Inhabitants say they live in fear as they return back to their homes very early as possible. It should be noted that at the eve of the opening of CHAN in Yaounde a Brasseries vehicle was set ablaze at Tiko Likomba and two Separatist fighters were killed.
On Saturday January 23, 2021 an explosive exploded at half mile Limbe while there was another explosion at Isokolo on Monday night, January 25, leaving inhabitants in fear as they are not used to such atmosphere.
It should be noted that Limbe is hosting group D matches of CHAN competition which comprises of Zambia, Tanzanian, Guinea and Namibia. The competition is moving smoothly with no hitches despite some electricity failure at the pitch between the match of Namibia vs Tanzanian which was quickly redressed.

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