Batongue bids bye to GICAM as Aline Valerie Mbono steps in as Executive Director

BUSINESS 21 Jan 2021
Batongue bids bye to GICAM as Aline Valerie Mbono steps in as Executive Director


The Executive Secretary of GICAM has resigned after serving the employer’s association for nine years. Alain Blaise Batongue tendered his resignation letter on January 15, 2021 to Celestin Tawamba who has just been re-elected President of Gicam for another 3-year mandate.
The letter reads, “I am ending my duties as Executive Secretary of the Cameroon Inter-Business Group (Gicam) as of February I, 2021”, A.B.Batongue has served under three presidents in this structure namely late Andre Fotso,Armel François and the current President Tawamba.
Those who have been close to him say the veteran journalist has been a very astute, keen and fervent negotiator of the cause and interests of the private sector and equally has learnt a lot after all.

Aline Valerie Mbono, new Executive Director

Says Batongue,“Throughout these years I invested my time and my energy in the service of the immense challenges of Gicam. And it is with pride and humility that I appreciate this journey and all those who have worked to make it successful. As I am about to hand over the baton I would like to reiterate how much I have learned from this extraordinary experience in the service of employers and at the heart of negotiations on public policies in economic and social matters in Cameroon, the sub-regional and international levels”.
With the on-going changes initiated in 2018 by Celestin Tawamba and cohorts, the position of Executive Secretary is henceforth called Executive Director and the Board of Directors replaces what used to be known as the Executive Board.
The Board of Directors is said to have set in motion or created a new “ambitious three-year program with the objective of making the group larger, more impacting and daring, with the ability to harness Cameroon’s economic transformation than any time in the past.
Aline Valerie Mbono is henceforth the first new Executive Director charged with the said task. She joined the National Agency for Information and Communications Technologies (Antic) in April 2009 and headed the Legal affairs division from December 2011-2020.
Speculation is rife as no concrete reason has been released to explain Batongue’s resignation. He worked as a journalist in Mutation for 30 years and was also the chairman of the Orientation Advisory Committee of the Kribi Ports Authority.

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