Ahead of CHAN 2021: Hysacam Limbe branch steps up clean-up strategy

NEWS 16 Jan 2021
Ahead of CHAN 2021:  Hysacam Limbe branch steps up clean-up strategy


The hygiene and sanitation company, HYSACAM has moved a step higher in its objective to make Limbe and other host cities very clean before, during and after the African Football Championship, CHAN 2021.
The company has expressed satisfaction that about Limbe’s cleanliness ahead of the football jamboree that takes-off on January 16 in Yaounde.
A team of HYSACAM officials led by Garba Ahmadou, the head of communication of the company, the Limbe branch manager, Mbakop Theodore and mme Moki Priscillia epse Meliki, the divisional chief of operations representing the ministry of urban development and housing were in Limbe last Wednesday, January 6 for an evaluation and inspection visit. The Limbe visit came after a similar exercise in Yaounde and Douala the other two host cities.

Limbe agency director Mbakop Theodore presenting strategy plan to the press.

Garba Ahmadou said the organisation of the CHAN competition in Cameroon is a challenge to HYSACAM to prove its mastery and efficiency in hygiene and sanitation and the cleaning of cities in the country.
Hysacam Limbe agency director, Mbakop Theodore presented the strategy plan that the company has adopted for the cleaning of the city before, during and after the CHAN competition.
According to the plan more trash cans have been put in places especially at the areas identified for the population to dump dirty. Hysacam will also reinforce the cleaning of the town and ameliorate its coverage, equipment and material resources. 20 more workers will be recurited to add to the existing 70 on the field to exclusively keep the town clean.
Madam Moki Priscilla said her ministry has really invested much in Limbe in terms of infrastructure for the proper holding of the CHAN competition. She posited that Limbe has already been certified by the prime minister and the minister urban development and housing as ready to host the competition.
She was impressed by the work done by Hysacam and the Limbe City Council to keep the town clean. The Limbe City Mayor, Motanga Andrew Monjimba, re-iterated the readiness of the city to host the competition and hailed the population of Limbe for maintaining the cleanliness of the city as their own culture.

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