Nestlé Cameroon recycles 100 tons of plastic waste in 2020

BUSINESS, NEWS 25 Nov 2020
Nestlé Cameroon recycles 100 tons of plastic waste in 2020


Nestlé Cameroon in line with the group’s April 2018 commitment to reduce plastic pollution and to make 100% of its plastic wastes or packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025, is said to be bearing fruit in Cameroon and across the globe.
According to a categorical report dated November 17 sourced from the Cameroonian subsidiary with headquarters in Douala, they have collected, treated and recycled over 100 tons of plastic waste by end of October this year.
In line with the group’s global vision to achieve a waste-free future, Nestle does not only seek to reduce plastic pollution from its plants but seeks to mitigate what is existing in the Cameroonian society. For this reason, they have clasped hands with the reputed Name Recycling Plant to clean up the city after collecting, treating and recycling 104.9 tons of plastic waste.
Even though some strides along this direction demonstrates that Nestlé is part of the solution and no more part of the problem, they are mobilising collective action along the chain of other producers and consumers to do same.
The Nestle Group also intends to stop plastic leakages into the environment across it’s global operations beyond 2025 to achieve what they call, plastic neutrality.

Workers collecting plastic wastes at a site in Douala

This is how the Managing Director of Nestlé Cameroon, Robert Helou, puts it: “Nestle is a company which respects its commitments. I’m proud that we have been able to collect and recycle 100 tons of plastic waste in Cameroon. This is definitely a step forward regarding Nestle’s vision shaping a waste-free future but we are still a long way to go. Nestle will continue to play her part to ensure that by 2025, 100% of its packaging is recyclable or re-usable”.

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