Limbe City Mayor, Motanga Andrew recognised at continental level

NEWS 25 Nov 2020
Limbe City Mayor, Motanga Andrew  recognised at continental level


It is no rumour that Motanga Andrew Monjimba, Limbe City Mayor is an outstanding leader with great interpersonal skills and an innovative mind geared towards the development of the municipality and the wellbeing of the population. His high level of patriotism and tireless actions to promote good governance, peace, culture and sports etc have been recognised countless times both in the municipality and at the national level. This time around, however, it is an international press body that has observed from afar, the great deeds of the Limbe City Mayor.

Limbe City Mayor, Motanga Andrew Monjimba, brandishes most recent award, from Pan African Press Convention

To that effect, a delegation from the Pan African Press Convention, Friday, November 20, 2020, made a stop at the premises of the Limbe City Council to hand Motanga Andrew Monjimba the AFRICAN PRESS AWARD 2020.
The City Mayor was supreme in the category for the “African Grand Prix of Excellence for the Promotion of Living Together and Good Administrative Governance.” The Award already in its fourth edition was handed by two top members of the body; the SG -Freddy LOPONGO from Ivory Coast and Vanessa NGUIMINI, a member from Congo, who were accompanied by Grace ENGOME, Cameroon focal point.
The Press body saluted the dynamism, professionalism and the contributions of the City Mayor to the socio-economic development of ECCAS. They also used the occasion to congratulate the City Mayor for piloting Limbe to be crowned cleanest city in Cameroon this year.
Motanga Andrew Monjimba was happy to receive the recognition and encouraged the organ to continue in positively impacting the African Society and paying homage to those who deserve it.
It should be noted that the Pan African Press Convention having as members some 10 renowned media outlets drawn from the sub-region, was created in Senegal in 2016. Its main missions are to denounce vices plaguing our societies and to also accompany all values that advocate for the emergence of the African continent.

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