Senator Ngam launches mouth watering University Scholarship scheme for Boyo students

NEWS 26 Oct 2020
Senator Ngam launches mouth watering University Scholarship scheme for Boyo students


Students from Boyo Division of the North West Region, wishing to pursue studies in any of Cameroon’s State Universities for the 2020 – 2021 academic year, will in the days ahead benefit from scholarship, thanks to the largesse of Senator Honore Ngam of the Boyo Constituency.
The mouth watering scholarship scheme, according to the Social Democratic Front SDF Senator, is modeled after his personal experience as a young Senator and informed by the raging poverty situation in his native Boyo Division. The scholarship programme is geared towards funding students who just passed the GCE ‘A’ levels this year. The scholarship scheme will target only those finding it difficult to source for finances in order to continue with their education. To this effect, Senatore Ngam opined that his office is open and ready to receive students of Boyo origin from around the country to apply and most be enrolled in one of the state universities for the 2020/2021 academic year.
Applications, he hinted, are received by a panel of judges who are noted for their impartiality and where expertise ranges across a spectrum of fields for which scholarships are awarded. The judges are independent of Senator Ngam’s political leanings and will operate under a strict conflict of interest policy and anti-discrimination clause.

Senator Honore Ngam of the Boyo Constituency, extending largesse to promote education

The minimum scholarship award the Senator says is FCFA 50,000 each and per year for the next three years of a university course, modestly beginning with a maximum of four scholarships this year.
Scholarship preference would be given to paying of students’ tuition fees; so students are encouraged to seek funding from other sources to take care of their lodging, feeding, medical costs, and other school needs outside the scholarship scope.
Recipients are selected based on a list of criteria, incorporating elements of talent, personal dedication and more importantly, financial needs. Academic excellence is required but not a criterion for selection.
Those selected were to be notified no later than October 20, 2020 and it is expected that more than 50 students will benefit from this scholarship scheme.
Boyo Division is made up of four Sub Divisions; Fundong, Njinikom, Belo and Bum. It happens to be the highest hit since the Anglophone crisis started in 2016. Schools have not been able to be effective three years on and most of the students are internally displaced students in other towns of Cameroon.
This is not the first time Senator Ngam Honore is carrying out such a huge commitment for his people. In April 2020 at the peak of the COVID 19 pandemic, he budgeted FCFA 3 million to combat the pandemic in Boyo Division.

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