Massacre of students in Kumba: Simply Chilling!!!

NEWS 26 Oct 2020
Massacre of students in Kumba: Simply Chilling!!!


Gunmen suspected to be Separatist fighters shot dead at least six students and left several others seriously injured in a secondary school in Fiango, Kumba II Sub Division, Meme Division, South West Region.
Reports say about nine separatist fighters highlighted on four motor bikes at the campus of Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy located at Bamilike Street Fiango, Kumba II Sub Division, at about 10:30 am Saturday, October 24, 2020 while some students were in catch up classes. The gun men are said to have entered the campus and forced the students into one classroom and opened fire on them, killing four on the spot while two later gave up the ghost at the Kumba District Hospital, leaving others seriously injured and placed at the Emergency ward.
There was shock, consternation and pandemonium in Kumba as both the families of the victims, Meme Administration, Education Authorities and the population couldn’t withstand the barbaric and demonic act of the Separatist fighters on innocent children.

Divisional Delegate for Secondary Education Meme, Abunaw Aghim in tears over atrocity on students

According to Dr. Asonganyi of the Kumba District Hospital, some 20 cases of wounded students, with six very critical cases were received at the hospital. Amongst them, four were immediately evacuated to Buea Regional Hospital Annex, Mutengene Baptist Hospital and Limbe Regional Hospital, where specialists of such cases are found and the rest are at the Kumba District Hospital responding to treatment.
Informed of the incident, the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO for Meme, Ntou’ou Ndong Chamberlin, who visited the victims at the Kumba District Hospital cried foul over what he saw and said Kumba again has been attacked by separatist fighters where some students were shot dead and others seriously injured in a private school in Fiango known as Mother Francisca.
At press time, the SDO disclosed that, some six innocent students were shot dead and the rest are in the Kumba District hospital. “We are all disturbed by this horrific act by the separatists but I am seriously condemning what has happened. They should be aware that we are going to fish them out where ever they are hiding. We will leave no stone unturned until we crack them down”, the SDO stressed. He equally expressed dismay at parents and those living around school campuses, that he is surprised that in broad day light, “Amba boys” will attack the school and nobody will bother to signal the forces of law and order. He said all the schools in Kumba should declare their existence so that security forces could be dispatched to their campuses. He said this is because some of the schools that are operating illegally may never have security and so parents should watch out where they send their children as investigations are ongoing.
Widespread Condemnation across the board
Kumba City Mayor-elect Gregory Mewanu, says it’s embarrassing
To the Kumba City Mayor – elect, Gregory Mewanu, he condemned the horrific act of what happened in Fiango where innocent students were murdered in cold blood by Separatist fighters. He said he was embarrassed with what he saw. He called on the population of Kumba and the administration to collaborate with the administration and forces of law and order to denounce such people whenever they see them around. He however urged the mayors to mobilise their population to turn out en masse in mourning attire on Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 1 pm for a March against such terrorist act. He said Enough is Enough and that they are going to hunt and bring the culprits to book.
Hon. Tabot Lawson Bakia-
What is their crime? What were these students guilty of to be sent to their early graves? When did the zeal to be educated become a crime that could warrant such barbaric summary execution? When did it become a crime? It’s against this gruesome murder of our children by terrorists who pass for protectors that I avail myself this opportunity to condemn, in strong and vehement terms the bloody attack on innocent children in class while exercising their inalienable right to education. I call on the peace loving population of the city of Kumba to remain, calm and vigilant. I equally entreat my people of Kumba to collaborate with the defense and security forces by reporting suspected terrorists, (Separatists) within their vicinities to the defense forces, the SDO, DOs of Kumba One, Two and Three, myself and the Mayors of the three councils. Kumba denizens must henceforth denounce and expose these terrorists who claim to protect them yet slaughter them including school children on a daily basis. I urge parents to discard the fear these rascals want to instill through such diabolic act to implant into them. They should continue to send their children to school. The military is very alert to protect. Permit me use this platform to call on the international community to bring to book those sponsoring terrorists activities back home in Cameroon while taking refuge in foreign countries. Their scare schemes shouldn’t deter anyone, not at all. Before I end, accept my profound and sincere sympathy to those who lost their children in the macabre act and a speedy recovery to the wounded.
Sunday protest march against gruesome killing of students
About 3000 inhabitants of Kumba, chief town of Meme Division, South West Region, took to the streets, Sunday, October 25, 2020 to protest against the gruesome killing of students in a college by alleged separatist fighters.
Initiated by the City Mayor – elect, Gregory Mewanu, Kumba city dwellers including the Mayor of Kumba I, Barrister Esseme Moses, Kumba II and III Mayors – Jacob Kay and Dr Mukwelle Nguba respectively, alongside the Divisional Officers – DO for Kumba I, II and III, and the Paramount Ruler of Kumba Bafaw – Nfon Mukete IV Ekoko, engaged the move. Going through the streets of Kumba from the Amusement Park through some streets in the city, the protesters carried placards with the following messages “Protect our Children”,”Education is our children’s right”, “the blood of the children is crying”, “we are crying for peace”, “let us protect our children”, “Enough is Enough, population say no to ghost town”, “Education is a civic right to our children”, “No to violence stop killing our children”, amongst others.
At the Kumba popular BICEC junction, the man of God, drawing inspiration from Deutoronomy 19:10-13 and Psalm 121:4-5, called on God Almighty to cleanse Kumba and safe the life of the people. The protesters later moved Up Station and made a stop at the Kumba District Hospital where the City Mayor took time off to console the affected victims.
While receiving the protesters at the esplanade of the SDO’s office, the SDO Ntou’ou Ndong Chamberlin, while congratulating the population, condemned the barbaric act of the Separatist fighters and concluded that enough is enough. In the days ahead, the SDO hinted that the perpetrators shall be fished out and tried in the law courts.
The Kumba City Mayor-elect, Gregory Mewanu, while addressing the population condemned the barbaric act of the alleged separatist fighters. The Paramount Ruler of Kumba and Bafaw added his voice though in tears, condemning the horrific and barbaric killing of the students. He, in company of the population, said “Yes” to peace and “No” to war. A front line member of the UPC and Secretary General of the party, Hon. Mbapot Lipot equally answered present and joined in the tears.

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