Camasej Limbe 2020 awards: The SUN’s Noela Ebob Bisong wins best female newspaper reporter award

NEWS 26 Oct 2020
Camasej Limbe 2020 awards: The SUN’s Noela Ebob Bisong wins best female newspaper reporter award


The SUN’s editor, Noela Ebob Bisong has been awarded best female English Newspaper reporter for the year 2020. The iron lady at The SUN desk received her award during a press lunch organised by the Limbe chapter of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalist –Camasej Limbe, Saturday, October 24, 2020. The brief and colourful event in Limbe which brought together journalists and media practitioners as well as other laureates and observers from various walks of life was meant to honour, reward and encourage hard work within and out of the media family in the city.
Speaking during the event, the president of the Fleet Street chapter, HRM Chief Ebong Pende Divine, Director of public relations, communications, translation and interpretation at SONARA, congratulated the laureates, saying the yearly Camasej Limbe activity is meant to encourage media practitioners and other stakeholders put in their best in all their endeavours. He urged all who received awards to continue making strides, while urging those who did not to multiply efforts to be recognised in other days.

The SUN’s Noela Ebob elated to receive best female Newspaper reporter award for 2020

Prior to the award ceremony, journalists received two trainings on Mainstreaming Safety of journalists during crisis and the Electoral Code/Regional elections, facilitated by Solomon Agborem of The STAR Newspaper and Barrister Ivo Nju.
Coordinating the award ceremony, the divisional delegate of Communication for Fako, Olive Ejang Tebug, chair of the awards committee, said it was not an easy task outlining and voting the laureates. She took time to explain the criteria used in the selection process, affirming that those who emerged at the end of the day, are simply the best, at the moment.

The awards centered on various categories including best male and female TV, Radio, and Newspaper reporters for the year, best stakeholders in the health, sports, humanitarian areas etc. One of the solemn moments of the ceremony was during the award presented to the late publisher of The STAR Newspaper, Late Chief Foanyi Nkemayang Paul, during which both the divisional delegate of communication for Fako and Senior journalist, Charlie Ndi Chia took time to remember the man, Chief Nkemayang Paul.
At the close of the ceremony, The SUN’s Noela Ebob said she was elated to receive the award in recognition of her work not just as a journalist, but as a female editor. She said she has been encouraged to continue making her mark quietly in the field of journalism in Cameroon.

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