CSPH’s migration from manual to online declaration, centre of attraction at SAGO2020

NEWS 30 Sep 2020
CSPH’s migration from manual to online  declaration, centre of attraction at SAGO2020


Under the auspices of the Director General of the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund better known by its French acronym as CSPH, Okie Johnson Ndoh, the structure’s major digital innovation was at the centre of attraction at SAGO2020. Last September 22 to 25, 2020 at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex, its staff entertained the public on the theme “The HPSF: Efficient and diligent actions at the service of users.”

CSPH DG, Okie Johnson Ndoh, with a bag of achievements

In a chat with The SUN, the Head of the Communication, Public Relations and Protocol of the HPSF, Ekiti Musonge, explained that “After noticing that many people do not understand the mission of HPSF, our Director General, Okie Johnson Ndoh, dispatched a team here at SAGO2020 to communicate with the public on what we have done. Like any other year, we came here to provide information on the services HPSF renders to the nation in order to ensure the smooth supply of petroleum products despite all odds in the world. We therefore showcased to visitors here at the Government Action Trade Fair, HPSF’s mission, vision and the various mechanisms used to ensure the regular supply of petroleum products in the entire country.”

HPSF Technical Adviser N°1, Beatrice Evou Mekou welcomes Ministers Rene Sadi, Ngalle Bibehe

Asked what innovation the HPSF brought to SAGO2020, he responded that “the main innovation we brought here this year was to inform the public in general and our marketers in particular that the Hydrocarbons Prices Stabilization Fund has moved from manual declaration to digital online declaration where marketers are not required to come physically to Yaounde to submit physical documents. Even though it is going to take some time, the transition is going to be slow and steady. We are now progressing to online declaration where marketers can actually declare all their finances from the comfort of their institutions. By so doing, we start treating their digital files here in Yaounde while waiting for the physical documents.”

HPSF team poses with visiting Minister, Joseph Le of Public Service and Administrative Reforms

On when this innovation was introduced, Ekiti Musonge told The SUN that “Actually, there has been some in-house development as our information systems technology division sat down and found out that it is right for the HPSF to develop this application in-house and incorporate to our company website. It was not really functional at the start but now after sitting down as a team, we reflected on the best strategy to bring our partners on board so that we can together discuss on how to improve this online declaration application. After interacting with the various partners in the whole of last week in Douala on this, we tailored this application to suit their expectations. From the month of October 2020, we should be able to say that this application is fully operational.

HPSF Communication, Public Relations, Protocol Head,
Ekiti Musonge, talking to the media at SAGO2020

On some of the preoccupations of visitors, Musonge explained that, “many of them expressed their eagerness to know more of the HPSF and we provided them with a guided tour on the general perspective of what the HPSF is. And from this general perspective, we give each of them the opportunity to take a quiz which gives them the chance to actually meet the Director General of our institution as well as other top management to get in-depth knowledge of what the HPSF is. They did not only come to our stand to find out about what our institution was but to participate at the quiz which enhanced their knowledge and broaden their scope.”

Historical evolution of CSPH
Created by Decree No. 74/458 of 10 May 1974 and adopted in the wake of the first oil shock, CSPH operated for several years as a “light structure”. Its management bodies were then made of Management Committee enjoying extensive powers for management. It was headed by a Director of price with the role of executing the decisions of the Committee who is supported in its mission by a service: Financial Commission responsible for the management control of the corporation. CSPH was then under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce.
On 31st December 1980, by order No. 43, MINEP/ SG/ SAC, the corporation was extended with the establishment of the accounting and documentation Bureau. In January 1988, Decree No. 88/150 set up a Steering Committee. Also, to ensure an effective and efficient management of CSPH, new organs were planned to be set up. A serious reform took place in 1998 with Decree No. 98/165 of 26 August 1998, reorganising CSPH as a modern and autonomous institution whose operation obeys to public institution’s classic rules of management.
Also, a Management Board entrusted with traditional powers and Management headed by a Director General assisted by a Deputy Director General and an external auditor were set up, (the CSPH Director General is now separate from the Director of price).

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