Back to School 2020/2021: Henrietta Nkongchu Foundation equips Limbe’s vulnerable kids

NEWS 28 Sep 2020
Back to School 2020/2021: Henrietta Nkongchu Foundation equips Limbe’s vulnerable kids


The Henrietta Nkongchu Foundation (HNF), a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) with slogan; Helping hands together to fight poverty, on Saturday, September 26, 2020, engaged a Back to School Campaign, to train and donate some school supplies to needy children in the city of Limbe.

The programme titled: Back to school campaign; No child should be left behind, took place at the Fako Divisional delegation for Social Affairs, chaired by the delegate, Irene Manga.

Putting the move in context, the national coordinator of the Foundation, Talla Blaise, said education is a great contributor in the fight against poverty and a unique gift to any child. He observed that “In many parts of the world including our country Cameroon, many children live in extreme poverty and in places where getting education is hard, especially those kids living amid conflict or facing internal displacement. The Covid 19 pandemic has only made things harder for many families. As schools are starting to reopen, many families continue to face challenges including hunger, loss of household income, and they are in great need for financial and social support to make return to school possible.”

National Coordinator of HNF, Talla Blaise, putting the HNF gesture in context

According to the coordinator, “At the HNF, we believe in a world in which all children survive, have the chance to learn and are protected from violence, drug abuse, neglect and exploitation.”

The 50 kids earmarked for the programme benefited from school bags, note books, pens, pencils, crayons, sharpeners, erasers among other necessary school items.

Addressing the kids (mainly of the primary sector), Talla Blaise advised that “Children, your education should be your top priority at this stage of your life. There are so many distractions out there but we want you to always remember that in this life, you cannot flourish without education.”

Kids excited with their new school supplies donated by HNF

The kids who were visibly excited to receive their school kits responded actively all through the gathering in songs and answering of questions on various topics like the Covid 19 pandemic, good behavior at school, home and towards peers.

Speaking at the event, the divisional delegate of Social Affairs for Fako, Irene Manga said she was overjoyed by the HNF action, assuring the NGO that, they at the delegation will do their best to see that the donated school items are put into proper use. The delegate revealed that there are over 500 vulnerable kids in Limbe who remain in need of food, healthcare, uniforms, fees etc, encouraging other partners to emulate the Henrietta Nkongchu Foundation gesture, and come to the rescue of the children.

The Henrietta Nkongchu Foundation works with women and youths to empower them through training. It has as vision to break the vicious cycle of poverty and to restore hope for the hopeless.

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