Launch of 2020/2021 academic year in Konye: DO urges traditional rulers to use mystical powers to suppress separatists

NEWS 23 Sep 2020
Launch of 2020/2021 academic year in Konye: DO urges traditional rulers to use  mystical powers to suppress separatists


The Divisional Officer, DO for Konye Sub-Division, Moses Attah Ngeh, has called on traditional rulers of Konye Sub-Division, to use mystical powers, as custodians of the tradition, to fully suppress the ‘powers’ of separatist fighters, in order to ensure that schools effectively resume in the Sub-Division.
The DO made the clarion call on Thursday, August 17, 2020 at the Kumba City Council hall, during the launching of the 2020/2021 academic year in Konye Sub-Division.
Moses Attah Ngeh averred that there is a lot to be done to ensure that schools effectively reopen this academic year, with the traditional rulers having a greater role to play, as individuals who have been given the power to protect the population.
Attah expressed disappointment over the poor turnout of the population including chiefs, who were supposed to attach a lot of importance to the meeting.
“I have observed that the population of Konye doesn’t like their municipality because they didn’t turn out for the meeting. Those who attended the meeting are strangers, civil servants who have been sent there to serve the population. Even chiefs had no interest, as out of 36 chiefs, only 3 were present”, the DO lamented.
The DO further expressed dissatisfaction over the poor manner in which traditional rulers within his jurisdiction have handled the ongoing crisis. He noted that most villages have been able to overcome the ‘powers’ of separatist fighters through their traditional rulers, though regrettably the situation of Konye is different.
“In almost all the divisions that have conquered separatist fighters and their activities, their chiefs played a pivotal role, but my chiefs have rather disappointed me”, Attah said.
He further called on the traditional rulers of Konye Sub-Division to act like their counterparts and ensure their villages and population is secured before waiting on the government. This he noted will ensure an effective back-to-school.
Reacting to this, the Chairman of the Konye Chiefs Conference, Chief Elis Eseme Eseme, said indeed his fellow chiefs have led them down and he cannot handle the situation alone.
He called on the government to enhance security in the Sub-Division in order to pave the way for asmooth school resumption. Chief Eseme added that without security, there cannot be effective resumption of schools in Konye. The chief urged teachers and parents to encourage their children to go back to school while waiting on the government.
Earlier on, the Inspector of Basic Education for Konye Sub-Division, Ojong Bissong Ibe, disclosed that out of the 110 public, lay private and conventional schools in the Konye municipality, only 61 public schools are operational.
He added that the 61 schools have a staff strength of 135 teachers for both Nursery and Primary schools, with 9,621 pupils but none are going to school.
The inspector called on the government and local administration to do everything possible to see that security is enhanced so that schools can effectively start this academic year.

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