Fashion and its impact on society!

NEWS 23 Sep 2020
Fashion and its impact on society!

BY ETONGWE EFETI ALICE & KUM BRENDA MBONG (UB journalism students on internship)

Fashion and its trends have always had a place in society, especially among women. However, the love for fashion continues to harvest both positive and negative results, with some indulging in many immoral acts because they want to meet up with the standard of other influential people in society.
Speaking to Mary Noel, a Limbe city dweller, she told The SUN that fashion dresses are wonderful as it makes people astonishing in them and bring out the beauty in people because of the design on it. “Dresses are in variety which suits the content of where you want to go, so it is very easy to get hold on the exact dress u need all thanks to fashion for making it available at all times”, she said.

The “Slay Queen” mode of dressing,
promoting indecency among young women

Also, according to a young lady by name Lydia Perfork, she likes the production of designer clothes, shoes and bags, considering the fact that it brings out her shape and makes her more ‘sexy’. Perfork detailed that being a youth, she cannot dress like those in the ‘ancient time’. To her, she pays less attention on the way people see her and their ‘irrelevant’ talk of her way of dressing.
Also, a Limbe-based businessman whose only name The SUN got as Bate, an importer of fashion clothes and shoes from abroad, he told The SUN that he mostly deals in designer things which are trending like hairy bags, adidas tracksuit, slippers and high heels. Bate acknowledges the fact that the business is quite encouraging because he makes a lot of sales from it since many people tend to buy more of trending goods no matter how costly it may be. According to him, youths are more attracted to clothes which bring out their body parts and ‘outstanding endowment’.

Fashion bags trending in Limbe market

Another woman who spoke to The SUN on the basis of anonymity, explained that “fashion has now turn to something else which has given space to indecency and more. Youths now dress half naked, wearing dresses that expose their whole body all in the name of fashion, especially girls, while boys are now wearing what they commonly call ‘destroy’, putting their trousers below their buttocks!” According to her, “Children now go astray just because they want to meet up with the ‘standard’ of their friends who come from wealthy homes, which causes them to do things beyond their ages.” “Some girls date men who are equivalent to their fathers’ ages”, she lamented. Our source held that “though fashion can be good because it exposes the population to a variety, producers should produce decent dresses to avoid body part exposure as “Our body is the temple of God”, she reminded.

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