Maiden Sub-contracting and Partnership Exchange directory launched

BUSINESS 07 Sep 2020
Maiden Sub-contracting and Partnership Exchange directory launched


The first edition of the industrial sub-contracting directory of 2019/20, compiled and published by the Sub-contracting and Partnership Exchange of Cameroon (SPX-CMR), to facilitate and promote the development of business transactions in Cameroon, has been launched.
During the brief but strategically important economic event that took place on Friday, September 4, 2020 at the headquarters of SPX-CMR, the General Manager, Evariste Yameni highlighted that corporate entities had difficulties to locate and get in touch with SMEs/SMI active in industrial subcontracting, until it was sourced from SPX-CMR.
Henceforth, that handicap is history, the GM announced. Entities and other partners will find SMIs geographical locations and other interests in the new guide.
Evariste Yameni then identified other hindrances that the directory has addressed, such as, including the background of each actor mentioned in the guide.
“Today, thanks to this directory, we have provided precise information on their head offices, its sector of activities, and all, allowing one to get in direct contact”. There is useful information permitting contract providers to suggest preselection or first sorting such as turnover, the legal form, workforce, main activities, main equipment and SME/SMI controls to provide quality services.”
SMEs who are increasingly interested to collaborate with colleagues for mutually beneficial goals also have the opportunity to use this directory as a solution to their interests.

General Manager of SPX-CMR, EvaristeYameni,

The SUN gathered that not only contract providers are targets in this guide. This guide will also help the public sector economic operators like ministries, municipalities and others that had long doubted SMI potentials. Now SPX-CMR reassures them that it is in the process of upgrading skills economic operators to be better equipped, so that many of them can be trusted to have appreciable service records to meet public expectations.
Out of the 700 member companies since their institution became autonomous in 2013, the over 400 members mentioned in the guide were sourced from the SPX database, after having fulfilled the modality of membership duration of at least three years to be listed in this edition.
The General Manager of SPX-CMR admitted that some small businesses lack the vision needed to improve and that’s why the role of the SPX-CMR exchange platform is a strategic tool for the development of industrial subcontracting. Subsequent editions will be updated every two years, The SUN learnt.
Evariste Yameni declared that, “The directory of industrial subcontracting is therefore a real decision-making tool for any institution and large companies (domestically or internationally) looking for subcontractors”.

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