Muyuka council’s extra-ordinary session: Standing Orders, Committees/Terms of References validated

NEWS 26 Aug 2020
Muyuka council’s extra-ordinary session: Standing Orders, Committees/Terms of References validated

Pursuance to section 172 subs (1) of Law No. 2019/024 of December 24 2019, councillors of the Muyuka Council, led by Mayor Landjinou D. Lazare and deputies, converged on the council chambers, Friday, August 21, 2020 for an Extra-Ordinary session.
The session was chaired by the Mayor, under the general supervision of the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako, who was represented by the newly installed Divisional Officer for Muyuka Sub-Division, Tanyi Roquecegnol AKWO.
The assembly which was first of its kind was aimed at adopting the Muyuka Council Standing Orders (Internal Rules and Regulations) and the validation of the Council Committees and their terms of references.

Councillors of Muyuka Council deliberating during Extra-Ordinary session

In his opening remark, Mayor Lazare thanked all for braving the odds to make the session a successful one. He called on all councillors to be vigilant, as the session was meant to enable them understand how to go about business in their respective committees that will shape the development pattern of Muyuka Sub-Division.
Addressing the councillors, the D.O. of Muyuka Sub-Division, Tanyi R. AKWO applauded the efforts of the council executive and all councillors for making it to the session. He cautioned all to combat fear and not always take to heart all which is said on social media about Muyuka. “The danger is not always where we think it is. We should not take what we hear on a daily basis as always the reality. The reverse they say is always true. Muyuka as you can see is in order and the town is gradually regaining its lost glory” he assured.
The D.O. commended the efforts of all the councillors for maintaining their titles despite the numerous threats they receive on a daily basis. “The committees put in place should not just be in paper but in action so that at the end of the five-year mandate, you councillors will be able to hit your chest and proudly say you have contributed to the growth and development of your council, by providing clean and valid balance sheets of the work done thus far” he said.
Talking to the Press after chairing the session, Mayor Lazare said, the session has been very successful as all the six committees have been validated and work is expected to commence. “We all worked extremely hard to fully regain our council. Everything went on smoothly here today, no gunshots. All ended well. We have the people of Muyuka at heart and the development of the area is our top priority
Also present at the event was the Divisional Delegate of the Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development.
The session which lasted for about two hours 30 minutes was characterised with deliberations and the creation of six committees; Finance, Education, Infrastructure, Socio-economic, Health, Hygiene and Sanitation and the sports and leisure committee. The committees put in place are to last for a period of one year and constituted 36 members excluding the Mayor and his four deputies making, it a total of 41 councillors.

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