Fako PIB physical execution rate dramatically rises to 34.01%

NEWS 26 Aug 2020
Fako PIB physical execution rate dramatically rises to 34.01%

The level of physical rate of execution of the Public Investment Budget PIB for Fako Division is said to now stand at 34.01%, few weeks after it was revealed to be at 0%. This figure was revealed on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at the Limbe I Council Hall Bota, during the second quarter follow-up committee meeting, by the chairperson, Hon. Etombi Ikome Gladys. At same time last year, the rate stood at 16.35%.
According to the chairperson, the figure shows a remarkable increase, symbolic that the stakeholders have stepped up the game and are ready to take their responsibility in the execution of the Public Investment Budget, PIB. She however urged the stakeholders to continue to work harder so that they do not lose the credit accorded to Fako Division this year.

Chairperson of follow-up committee of Fako PIB, Hon. Etombi Ikome Gladys, encouraging stakeholders to improve during second quarter meeting

Hon. Etombi cautioned that stakeholders should take their responsibility to do what is expected of them.
She also reminded all divisional delegates and service heads about the necessity to follow all projects under their chapter heads, since they are responsible for the smooth implementation of their ministry’s programmes. She advised they collaborate with mayors and give them the technical support to enable them fulfill their duties with respect to the execution of projects in their respective municipalities.
Hon. Etombi equally emphasised on the necessity for mayors to be present during meetings as they are the main actors in awarding contracts to contractors.
The follow up committee meeting which brought together civil society organisations, state administrators, public fund managers, technical services, parliamentarians, mayors and community leaders was meant to ensure compliance for every actor’s actions with the public contract log book and to contribute as a method of follow-up in order to avoid poorly executed projects.
“The zero percent recorded during our first quarter follow-up committee meeting wasn’t good; we took an engagement during the last meeting to ensure effective execution of state budget to improve on the daily life of the population in the Division by working hard” Hon. Etombi stated.

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