SOMATEL Hotel organises open discussions day

BUSINESS 08 Jul 2020
SOMATEL Hotel organises  open discussions day

SOMATEL Hotel in Douala has organised an open brunch to dusk meet-the-people party, last June 27, at their swimming pool esplanade.
The open for all event attracted stakeholders, a galaxy of customers, diplomats, admirers and other city dwellers who passed by to discover the fun that was taking place in there.
The Administrator, Watchang Elise and the hotel management are said to have organised this open day as a timely alternative and conducive environment for the public to take time off their over burdened business schedules, and restore confidence and hope in the wake of the scare of the Covid-19 pandemic and also to shrug off some stress while dinning and winning on a ticket.

View of SOMATEL Hotel, Douala

It was observed that social distancing and other barrier measures were duly respected during the event. Discussions on most tables, though informally, centred on the new business restrictions imposed by the pandemic while the public shared their experiences on what the way forward should be. Other interesting discussions listened to as time burned out, was the negative global economic constraints including in Cameroon, new business opportunities and whether the way many people are working from home can now be adopted as a permanent model or something in between, brought about by Covid-19. Above all, people were out for fun and business contacts.
SOMATEL Hotel is a three-star hotel with modern touristic amenities including over 200 rooms located at the city centre of Douala metropolis.

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