MTN Foundation’s Yello Hope to reinforce national efforts to fight Covid-19

BUSINESS 10 Jun 2020
MTN Foundation’s Yello Hope to  reinforce national efforts to fight Covid-19

Official reports say that the annual 1% profit provided by MTN Cameroon to its Foundation, is this year, to be invested in a new programme called the Yello Hope initiative, which is said to have been created to replace their annual 21 days of YelloCare, due to shut down and to boost MTN’s contributions to the national response to battle the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Yello Hope caravan is expected to provide protective equipment to targeted medical staff, teachers, municipal employees, call box operators, media professionals, including disinfection equipment, approved and washable face masks, hydro-alcoholic solutions and the likes, to communities within the 10 regions of Cameroon. The event which is due to begin soonest is said to run for three weeks.
MTN Foundation’s spokesman, Jean-Melvin Akam reiterated that: “Pending the discovery and availability of a vaccine, compliance with barrier measures remains the best solution to stop the spread of the virus. MTN Foundation wishes to contribute to this by enabling thousands of Cameroonians to protect themselves and others.”

MTN Foundation says prior to the launch of Yello Hope, they have been actively involved in disseminating the Public Health Ministry’s preventive campaigns through MTN networks now up to 350 million sms messages since March this year. MTN holds it has facilitated communication used by frontline staff such as nurses, doctors, lab technicians and hygiene and cleanliness personnel, for three hours daily, suspended fees on MTN mobile money transactions, reinforce the skills of entrepreneurs free of charge, etc. Equally, MTN staff now work remotely, including free access to online educational resources and also adapted services offered to the needs of users in confinement.
Quoted as saying that we are living in a critical moment in the life of humanity, Akam said solidarity efforts is the way to contain Covid-19: “The Yello Hope initiative is our way of bringing ourselves together including Cameroonian communities and managing this together”, he affirms.

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