Ecobank Group offers medicare kit to Laquintinie hospital

BUSINESS 07 May 2020
Ecobank Group offers medicare kit to Laquintinie hospital

Laquintinie Hospital Douala was the happy beneficiary of a package of gifts offered by Ecobank Group recently, to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
The gifts which were estimated at FCFA 70 million were handed over to Prof. Louis Richard Njock, in the presence of the General Manageress of Ecobank Cameroon, Gwendoline Abunaw, as the bank’s goodwill contribution to fight the virus.

 Gwendoline Abunaw,  G.M. Ecobank Cameroun

Gwendoline Abunaw,
G.M. Ecobank Cameroun

Most significant among the gifts were the life support respiratory machines which are being used when the virus attacks and blocks the respiratory track of its host but which are unfortunately very scarce in the hospitals of the inadequate Cameroon’s health system.
In recognition and appreciation of the machines among others, the hospital manager revealed that among the more than 20 lives lost, most of them died of respiratory track problems.
The G.M. of Ecobank Cameroon, who represented the Group, went an extra mile saying she also came to appreciate the sacrifice and courage of the frontline workers.
Prof. Louis Richard Njock overwhelmed, recounted that: “overall, we had only 100 beds. Now we have 200. You know we have not yet attained the peak of the curve. So the expected influx of sick people can now be accommodated because of the addition of beds thanks to the gifts offered by Ecobank.”
Other needs offered by Ecobank Group included doctors’ covering suits, face masks and a huge quantity of gels.

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