Struggling ‘Ambazonia’ struggle takes another twist

NEWS 07 Aug 2019
Struggling ‘Ambazonia’ struggle takes another twist

-Mark Bareta vehemently states they have no gov’t
-Apologises for propagating lies
-Blames Ayuk Tabe for forming a gov’t without necessary means in place
-Acknowledges that Amba fighters kidnap to eat
-Advocates that children should be sent to school

The confusing state of affairs in the ongoing struggle for independence by proponents of the ‘Federal Republic of Ambazonia’ has recently taken a new twist.
Factions, power tussle, accusations and counter accusations had for long characterized the ‘Ambazonia family’, but the Monday, July 29 outing, by Mark Bareta, a Southern Cameroons Political Activist, has brought to light the souring nature of things within the circle.
Through a live video on his facebook account last Monday, July 29, 2019, Mark Bareta, in a dramatic manner took many by surprise, when, in addressing their followers, he vehemently revealed that they of the ‘Federal Republic of Ambazonia’ do not have a government and that they have been feeding their followers with many lies.
“When there is a government in the diaspora, it is hosted. Where is the host country? Where are our embassies? Where is our state house? It’s a lie. They lied to you about a committee in the UN. They lied you about a football match…they lied you about my trip to Buea. They lied to you. They keep lying to you. And some of us, we take the blame because some of us helped to propagate these lies and for that, I apologise. Before God and man, I apologise”.
Bareta said: “I will say it. If you are in ground zero and you are a fighter and you are defending any virtual government, I have told you that we have no government. It is a lie that we told you. And I am taking the responsibility. We have no government. It is a lie we told you and I will blame Ayuk Julius Tabe that he sat in Nigeria in Zaria, Professor Anyangwe was there… they could not advise him. He formed a government without having the necessary means to protect and defend the government. And after few months, he was abducted. And here we are shattered. There is no government”.
The activist, as if he were bent on passing his message across reiterated that “Hear me out! I apologise to you. I am apologizing that we told you a lie because we were all filled with this move… There is no government! It was a mistake and now I am apologizing. There is no government-not even Yerima’s or Sako’s, there is no government. If there is a government, it will unite and not divide the people. A government will make sure that you on ground zero have the necessary resources. We will only have a government when we have a host country that is ready to keep us, hold us together and give us diplomatic means to move. And each day, I am going to preach this message that there is no government. If there is any government, they are telling you a lie-from Yerima’s faction to Sako’s IG”.
As an advice to their fighters, Bareta says “Don’t die on ground zero defending a virtual government. There is nothing like a restoration council. All those things are fat lies, useless. They are lying to you. So, divorce from them. There can only be two kinds of government: one hosted on ground zero or one in the diaspora with a host country. Because we don’t have any host country that can host us in the diaspora, there is therefore no government”.
Acknowledging the atrocities of some of their fighters, Mark Bareta confesses that “In truth, we have groups that are kidnapping because they have a camp of 500 fighters, 400 fighters. How do they feed? They are forced to kidnap people, to take money so that they can buy food. And sometimes, we don’t even blame them. They are forced to do it…there is no revolution without the people. Our people are getting fed up. Hear me out! Our people are beginning to get fed up”.
He also notes that “I know that I cannot come to ground zero. I can only come to a free Amba. So, I am going to tell you all the truth. We have kept it for so long so that these groups can put their axes together. But because they can’t put their axe together, you have to divorce from them. Divorce from these politicians in the diaspora, people who call themselves politicians, people who are here to feed fat”.
Bareta reminded that “I told you that we sleep well. We sleep well, we go to work. We cannot change it because we must go to work, we must sleep well. We feel the pains, we cry, but you who are under the rain, you receive the pains”.
He who has for long time now defended the ‘Ambazonia’ cause as a just one cautioned those he was addressing himself too that “Do not give room for any politician in the diaspora. They are fooling you. Ground zero is more important than diaspora because you feel the heat.”
Mark Bareta also advised that “You have to also make sure that your children go to school, that people have good health, good roads, don’t die anymore. Fighters don’t die anymore.”

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