Manhunt Lunched For Alleged Financier Of Anglophone Crisis

NEWS 08 Jul 2019
Manhunt Lunched For Alleged Financier Of Anglophone Crisis


As the Anglophone Crisis takes a different twist, Government of Cameroon has decided to open investigations on those whom they believe are fuelling the crisis.
All incomes from abroad to Cameroon are now under scrutiny at financial institutions and needs ample evidence of purpose.

The government of Cameroon is looking for all actors whether evident or not as long as there is a reason pointing to aid of separatist or peaceful protest of civilians, the innocent suffer and are wrongfully accused.
A recent case is that of a young man, Kome Ebune Francis, a resident of Limbe whose name was recently revealed as one of those foreign actors helping civilians to rise against the government.

To buttress their point, security operatives were already alleging that, Kome Ebune who spent some years in South Korea was the leader of a peaceful March ON January 2, 2017 in front of the British High Commission is Seoul.
Little did he know that he was already on the security records, we are told that he flew in to Cameroon for a family visit last month, and also unknown to him that a certain Ntoko Eric who is believed to have been the one coordinating support funds had revealed his name as a staunch supporter of the Southern Cameroon National Council before dying after he was arrested and allegedly manhandled.

Kome Ebune Francis

Kome Ebune Francis

We are also informed that military men are reported to have stormed his residence when they got wind of the fact that he was around, arrested him and taken to the Buea Central Prison on charges of fanning terrorism in line with the dreaded 2014 Anti Terrorism law which gives its victims between 15 to 25 years in prison and to a certain point a death penalty.
Things turn sour when security reports that he had escaped from jail a few days after with no one able to explain how it happened.

The wife and other family members were questioned on his whereabouts, yet no one could explain.
Hence security forces have launched a man hunt for him and are combing all possible hideouts in search for him.
Our findings further reveal that, Kome Ebune Francis, had joined the separatist movement, the SCNC sometime in 2010 before it was banned in 2017 and all its members termed terrorists.

We are also informed that back in university days; he was a member of the University Of Buea Student Government, which was seen as a pressure group of students fighting for their rights.

With these activities it we gathered that he went through a lot of harassment and torture by security operatives.
He was arrested on October 1 during banned activities to celebrate the independence of Southern Cameroons and was later released by the help of a human right body.

It should be noted that since 2016, the Anglophone crisis which has now turned to a gun battle has left over 40,000 people homeless many seeking for refuge elsewhere.

In a bid to discourage peaceful protest and demonstration, the state has arrested, tortured and imprisoned thousands of Anglophones under the dreaded 2014, Anti-Terrorism law which has been described by many international bodies and human rights organizations as a very bad and in human law.

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