Heavy gunfire welcomes army chief of staff

SOCIETY 18 Apr 2018
Heavy gunfire welcomes army chief of staff
  • Convoy forced to retreat to Kumba
  • South West Governor travels by sea to install new Ndian SDO


Gunmen believed to be loyal to the Ambazonia Defence Forces attacked the convoy of the Chief of Army Staff, General Rene Claude Meka Thursday, April 12, 2018. The convoy of the army chief was driving along the Kumba–Ekondo-Titi road.

According to reliable sources, the convoy left Kumba and made a technical stopover at a camp at Small Ekombe. There, all non-military officials who were part of the convoy were kept for safety.

The army chief of staff and his état major then proceeded on a mission to evaluate the security situation along the Kumba-Mundemba road. They were said to be heading towards Big Ekombe in Mbonge Subdivision when a heavy gunfire greeted the convoy.

There was a heated exchange of gunfire between the military and the armed group. The military is said to have made huge gains, with only one soldier sustaining an injury.

Contrary to social media propaganda, our source said the military overpowered the gunmen, before retreating to Kumba. It is believed that the intruders recorded heavy casualties from the gun battle.

The turn of events were so rapid that the Army chief of Staff’s convoy retreated without stopping over at the Small Ekombe camp to pick up members of the delegation that had been left there.

The daylight attack unfolded between 1pm and 2pm that fateful Thursday.

The Army Chief of Staff was in the South West Region to assess for himself the security situation in the region.  It was a kind of control mission of the activities of the defence forces and a forum for him to hand down further directives.

After witnessing the challenge the defence forces are surmounting on a daily basis in the region, General Meka gave firm instructions to the troops on the line of battle.

The message from the Army Chief of Staff was for the population to return to their communities and also for them to collaborate with the defence forces. He saluted the bravery of the military before leaving the South West.

Locals say the “Amba boys” have made commuting along the Kumba-Mundemba corridor a journey to hell.


SW Governor travels by sea to install new Ndian SDO

Thursday’s heavy gunfire forced South West Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai to travel by sea to Mundemba on Friday where he installed the new Senior Divisional Officer for Ndian Division.

The governor was initially supposed to travel by road on Thursday ahead of Friday’s installation; but the security situation forced him to travel by sea instead.

Governor Okalia Bilai left Idenau for Mundemba early Friday morning. He got to Mundemba in time to installed Nwafua Lawrence Forwang as Ndian SDO. Nwafua was formerly serving as Secretary General to the South West Governor’s Office.

The governor in his installation address called on the population to continue to collaborate with the administration and the forces of law and order to maintain peace and security. He also enjoined them to conquer fear and send their children to school.

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