Over 200 CBC youths commit to abstinence until marriage

NEWS 28 Aug 2019
Over 200 CBC youths commit to abstinence until marriage

Over 200 youths from the Limbe and Soppo fields of the Cameroon Baptist Convention have committed themselves to abstain from sex until marriage. “I promise before God and my future spouse to live a healthy life including refraining from having sex until I get married and avoiding unhealthy activities, situations, places and people that may lead to sex outside of marriage,” the youths pledged during their 2019 Youth Camp that took place in Buea and Limbe respectively.
Signing onto a commitment card that sanctioned their pledges, the youths also promised to educate others about HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, STDs, share their values with friends, families, and neighbours, and “never to willingly behave in a way that may lead anybody to desire to have sex” with them.
This commitment was made out of the desire to be free from sexual sin, avoid doubts, disappointments, guilt and worries about STDs amongst others.

 Cross section of CBC Soppo Field youths  after Destiny Recovery Convention

Cross section of CBC Soppo Field youths
after Destiny Recovery Convention

“As a Christian, I took a personal commitment not to have sex before marriage but as a youth, most at times you face some pressure and temptation that might make you want to do it. So, it was a recommitment to the commitment I made with God already. The Bible advises against sexual immorality and abstinence helps you avoid contracting unnecessary diseases. Also, having sex with someone is becoming one with that person, which to me is the most dangerous effect because spiritually something dangerous has happened,” said Majam Carlson, Soppo Field youth.
Corroborating Majam, another youth, Shing Blessing Mbeng, divulged that “I desire to be patient till marriage and taking this commitment will make me honour my covenant with God, which will help me live a sin-free life especially in the area of sexual immorality”.
In a lesson that precipitated the commitment, the Supervisor of CBC Health Services Adolescent and Young Adult Programme, Kwalla Rene, noted that young people are at risk of STDs than adults due to youthful exuberance. According to him there are about 25 significant STDs with 4 incurable, including HIV, hepatitis B, Human Papilloma Virus, and Genital Heaves. He urged youths to delay sex until marriage because of their destiny and to focus on their education and God-given plan.
In the CBCYSD Soppo Field, the commitments were made within the framework of the 2019 Cameroon Baptist Convention Youth and Student Department, CBCYSD, Soppo Field Destiny Recovery Convention, DRC, August 20-24, 2019, at BHS Great Soppo.
Organised under the theme: Recovery of Defiled Temple from I Corinthians 6:14-20, the Convention was spiced by inspiring messages and lessons including but not limited to Recovery of Destiny through Persistent & Prevailing Prayers, Attracting and Sustaining the Right Relationships, Breaking the Chains of Financial Slavery, Identifying and Effectively pursuing your career and other activities like sports, workshop on pastries production and lots more.

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