Atanga Nji dangles ban threat over Kamto’s MRC

NEWS 08 Apr 2019
Atanga Nji dangles ban threat over Kamto’s MRC

Presents humanitarian assistance report
Territorial Administration Minister, Atanga Nji Paul has banned all street demonstrations of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM party of the detained Prof Maurice Kamto slated from April 6 to April 13, 2019 all over the country. He qualifies the planned CRM protests as another provocative move from officials of the party.
According to a press release issued by Minister Atanga Nji, the date April 6 is too much of a coincidence “as it brings unhappy memories to Cameroonians. This call by the CRM for Cameroonians to go to the streets on this date confirms their determination to push through their agenda of destabilising the Republican institutions of the State. Such an unacceptable and inexcusable provocation is clearly intended to cause social upheavals.”

Territorial Administration Minister,  Atanga Nji Paul

Territorial Administration Minister,
Atanga Nji Paul

He threatened to dissolve the party. “If CRM officials, who seem to take pleasure in defying State authority, continue down this lane of public disorder and organise unauthorized manifestations intended to stir social uprising with unknown consequences, the Minister of Territorial Administration will be forced to apply the provisions of law No. 90-56 of 19 December, 1990, relating to political parties.”
Humanitarian assistance report
In a separate development, Minister Atanga Nji has declared that over 75 000 families have already benefitted from government’s emergency humanitarian assistance plan in the North West and South West regions since the assistance plan was launched on June 21, 2018 by the Prime Minister, Head of Government. He was speaking last April 4, 2019 at a press briefing granted at the Ministry of Territorial Administration in Yaounde in which, he also said government has recorded some 152,000 families of IDPs from the two regions.
As supervisory authority of the National Centre for the Coordination of the Humanitarian Action in Cameroon, Atanga Nji said “we have carried out at least 60 trips to offer assistance to IDPs.”
After qualifying as fake news, the report of an international NGO that puts at 400,000 the number of internally displaced persons, the Minister accused that “such an NGO inflates these figures in order to make more financial gains and to portray the government as being overpowered by the number of IDPs so as to request for a possible intervention from the United Nations in the crisis.”
He insisted that international partners must submit their assistance to government for onward distribution because the government gives them viable information.
After declaring that “What is left in warehouses can still feed about 100,000 families,” the Minat boss said “the situation in the NW and SW regions has ameliorated.”
It is worth recalling that at the launch of the humanitarian assistance plan some 9 months ago, government revealed that 74, 966 persons had been displaced (8,554 in the North West and 66, 412 in the South West regions.)

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