SONARA continues to ‘fuel’ Limbe FESTAC

BUSINESS 28 Mar 2019
SONARA continues to ‘fuel’ Limbe FESTAC

The flame of the romance between the National Refining Company (SONARA) and the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture (Limbe FESTAC) has remained hot with a brighter light since 2014.
As a natural partner, SONARA did not waste any time contemplating the Limbe City Council’s desire to bring in an inclusive cultural festival in the town of Limbe, but fully embraced the idea, and immediately threw its unflinching support behind the vision bearer, Motanga Andrew Monjimba, to see to it that Limbe FESTAC becomes what it is today.
SONARA has been supporting the event in various ways since 2014, including financial donations, contributing ideas at the organization level, erecting a well equipped exhibition stand where some of the refinery products are exhibited at the FESTAC ground, as well as the effective presence of its workers led by the respective general managers, in almost all FESTAC activities, including sports walk, cultural manifestations and concert shows.

 Jean Paul Simo Njonou  SONARA GM

  Jean Paul Simo Njonou

Former SONARA  GM, Ibrahim Talba Malla accompanies Minister Mouelle Kombi to SONARA’S exhibition stand, during Limbe FESTAC 2018

Former SONARA GM, Ibrahim Talba Malla accompanies Minister Mouelle Kombi to SONARA’S exhibition stand, during Limbe FESTAC 2018

For instance, the General Manager and staff of SONARA were physically present from start to finish during the 3rd edition of Limbe FESTAC, indicating the strong affection the company as a whole attaches to the promotion of cultural diversity and integration. “He was with us day and night and went down with us as many times as we did to appreciate and encourage the dancers morally and financially”, Motanga emphasized, while referring to former SONARA GM, Ibrahim Talba Mala.
During Limbe Festac 2018, then Minister of Arts and Culture, Narcisse Moelle Kombi during the opening ceremony of the cultural feast on April 4, when he visited the SONARA stand at the FESTAC village, he hailed the company for contributing to the promotion of culture and the spirit of living together.
As a matter of fact, the company’s Director of Public Relations, Communication and Translation, Ngome Blasius usually represents the company during the organizing phase of the festival, during which his inputs go a long way to contribute to the success of the yearly cultural event.
Though the management of SONARA has changed, the company’s romance with the Limbe FESTAC vision has remained same.
SIMO NJONOU Jean Paul, new SONARA GM has continued the romance, as a programme has been designed by which various delegated members shall be accompanying the General Manager during the different 2019 FESTAC activities. The members, close to 10 in each group, have been drawn following their origins, to answer present at the FESTAC ground on the day their various cultural groups are performing. This is contained in a service note signed by the general manager recently.
There shall be a very capable team at the exhibition stand headed by the Director of Communication, Public Relations and Translations, Ngome Blasius and also comprising; Hagbe Claude, Parfait Ngosso Messina, Grace Bilo’o, Ebong Pende Divine and others, always endeavour to satisfy every visitor to the stand.
The new SONARA GM notes that arts and culture are powerful catalysts of cohesion, peace and socio-economic development, aspects which all necessitate the active participation of the company during the yearly Limbe FESTAC event, as it focuses on promoting national integrity in line with the cultural diversity of its workers.

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