Federalists elect pioneer bureau at US conclave

NEWS 30 Oct 2018
Federalists elect pioneer bureau at US conclave

By Atia Tilarious Azohnwi
Members championing a return to federalism in Cameroon under the banner of “The Federalists” have met in Washington D.C., Saturday, October 27, to lay the foundation for the movement and to pick delegates to the Anglophone General Conference billed for Buea on November 21 & 22, 2018.
The Federalists of Cameroon, Anglophones and Francophones, met at the Bowie Public Library, in the Maryland, USA. After successfully concluding their work in accordance with the objectives of the Assembly, they made observations in full understanding of the gravity of the ongoing multiple challenges in Cameroon and in complete surrender to their duty as responsible citizens to speak truth to power.

General Coordinator  Dr wilson Eseme

General Coordinator
Dr wilson Eseme

“The Federalists” observed that: “the modern history of our nation started with a Federation; the Anglophone minority has been verifiably marginalized for decades; multiple attempts have been made to assimilate the Anglophone minority; the minority is justifiably resisting; this resistance has resulted in a war between Cameroon government forces and separatist fighters in West Cameroon; the severe impact this war is having on the social, economic and political environment.”
As such, they made the following declarations:
“The destruction of the federation in Cameroon is the root cause of the current problem.
“The Government of Cameroon has failed to sufficiently protect the Anglophone minority in the new political dispensation.
“The Anglophone minority has the right to demand Justice and Fairness from the Government of Cameroon.”
The Federalists, consequently, resolved as follows:
“A Federal structure of Government will guarantee equal protection of the Anglophone minority, while enabling an environment of justice, fairness, freedoms, and development for the entire Cameroon.
“We commit ourselves to relentlessly pursue peaceful efforts aimed at ending the war through dialogue and negotiations.”
Before deliberations opened, attendees at the Constitutive Federalists Assembly listened to a letter from Christian Cardinal Tumi. It was followed by an address from the Coordinator, Dr Wilson Eseme. The assembly then listened to speeches from Edith Kah Walla, Dr Fontem Neba, Barrister Agbor Balla, and Dr. Simon Munzu.
Before the close of the assembly, a pioneer bureau was put in place. The following were elected:
General Coordinator – Dr Wilson Eseme, Secretary General – Chris Eno Oben, Deputy Secretary General – Dr. Lucie Ngongbo, Chair of Communications and Media Relations Cameroon – Pr. Victor Waingeh, Deputy Chair of Communications and Media Relations Cameroon – Marylin Bekima, Treasurer – Pr. Jerry Saliki, Financial Secretary – Susan Olumuh, Chair of Legal Affairs – Barrister Francis Ikome, Homefront Coordinator – Ade Anyu, Advisers – Daniel Akwo, Sebastian Epah, Zephrinus Fortabe.

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