Memorable quotes from the Constitutional Council

NEWS 24 Oct 2018
Memorable quotes from the Constitutional Council

Below are a collection of memorable quotes from lawyers, party representatives and others who appeared before the constitutional council to present submissions in favour or against petitions to cancel the October 7 polls.

“Military officials came here with big ranks but no ID card.” – Barrister Ndangoh Tah Calvin
Clement Atangana: “si vous voulez un incident…”
Barrister Emmanuel Simh: “On n’a pas peur d’un incident…”
“CPDM feeds on corruption just as a vehicle feeds on fuel.” – Maître Emmanuel Simh

“Mr President, the force of your experience should allow you to understand that there is a lack of justice in this country” – Agbor Balla to Justice Clement Atangana

“Cameroon will outlive whoever is the president of Cameroon today” – Barrister Agbor Nkongho

“We’re really living in two different countries” – Barrister Ikome Mbella Ngongi

“We will go, Cameroon will remain” – Agbor Balla
“When the voices of the people are not heard, it leads to chaos” – Barrister Agbor Balla

“We ought not to be thanking you all the times my Lord because you are doing your constitutional duties and you are doing it so well”. – Barrister Francis Sama

“You need to meet them face to face, and you will not be saying what you are saying here…The Amba boys will rejoice, yes they are listening to me now…Don’t give them justification and legitimise secession….Posterity will judge you, don’t miss this golden opportunity to write your name in the golden books of our nation’s history, by annulling this election.” – Barrister Francis Sama

“It was our Republican duty as citizens of this country, to go and vote…The people of the SW/NW love peace and cherish to live in peace.” – Prof.Ngolle Ngolle

“What has Bulu/ Bamileke got to do with the reason for which we are here today?” – Gregoire Owona

“The Republican courage made our brothers and sisters in the NW and SW to go and vote.” – Ngolle Ngolle

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