Fru Ndi’s residence alighted; sister kidnapped, released

NEWS 24 Oct 2018
Fru Ndi’s residence alighted; sister  kidnapped, released

By Moma Sandrine
The residence of the chairman of the Social Democratic Front Party, SDF has been reduced to ashes by suspected separatist fighters.
According to the chairman, Ni John Fru Ndi, separatist fighters invaded his compound in Baba II village on Wednesday October 17th at about 7pm, setting the whole compound ablaze. “They started by breaking the windows of the house, then poured fuel around the house and set it alight”, the chairman said with a heavy heart.
While many wonder why the separatist fighters had to put up such an act against a man considered as a man of the people, it should be recalled that the chairman and his driver were attacked by these same group on Sunday around Baba market, while they were heading for Bamenda. Although Ni John did not disclose to the press exactly why he was harassed by separatist fighters, unconfirmed sources however have it that he had been warned not to step foot in Baba, else he risks losing his life.
After his encounter with the separatist fighters on Sunday, social media claims had it that his residence was attacked. It however remained a propaganda until Wednesday, when the tragic act occurred. This is the second time the chairman’s residence is attacked in one year. Earlier this year, the kitchen at his Ntarikon residence was set alight by unknown men.

Fru Ndi’s Sister, Christina Fri Akum  released

Fru Ndi’s Sister, Christina Fri Akum released

Aside reducing his compound to ashes, the separatist fighters also kidnapped Fru Ndi’s sister, Christina Fri Akum. They were about setting her house ablaze also, but for the plea of her husband. Her clothes were taken out of the house and set on fire. As the chairman grieved his loss at his Ntarikon residence, SDF militants and other sympathizers could not help but extend their condolences. “These guys have gone too far. How can they burn pa’s house and worst of all kidnap a woman, his sister?”, one of the sympathizers lamented.
The Sun gathered that at the time when Ni John’s Baba II residence was on flames, Christina Fri placed a call through to him, reasons why she was a target. Many in the North West region continue to hope for more peaceful days ahead.

At Press time, October 20, The Sun gathered that Fru Ndi’s Sister, Christina Fri Akum had just been released after Spending 5 days in captivity. It is reported she is presently at the Ntarikon residence of Ni John Fru Ndi, in Bamenda North West Region of Cameroon.

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